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Thrigmopoeus psychedelicus R. V. Sanap & Z. A. Mirza, 2014

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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Thrigmopoeus psychedelicus
  • Described By: R. V. Sanap & Z. A. Mirza, 2014
  • Researcher Profile: Rajesh V. Sanap, Zeeshan A Mirza
  • Genus: Thrigmopoeus
  • Etymology: The specific epithet ‘psychedelicus’ refers to the vibrant metallic sheen and multiple colours of adults and juveniles of the new species.

Specimen Records

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  • A new iridescent tarantula of the genus Thrigmopoeus Pocock, 1899 from Western Ghats, India

    Rajesh V. Sanap, Zeeshan A Mirza ,2014

    A distinctive new species of ground burrowing tarantula from Western Ghats endemic genus Thrigmopoeus is described from Kerala State, India. Thrigmopoeus psychedelicus sp. nov. differs from putative species of the genus in the adults being black overall with a metallic blue lustre on the carapace and abdomen. Females of Thrigmopoeus psychedelicus sp. nov. exhibit polychromatism. Juveniles and sub-adults are paler with vibrant maroon colouration on its abdomen whereas adult females are much darker and lack vibrant colouration as sub-adults.

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