Antillena rickwesti Bertani & Huff, 2013

Dominican Republic
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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Antillena rickwesti
  • Described By: Bertani & Huff, 2013
  • Researcher Profile: Rogério Bertani, Jeremy Huff
  • Genus: Antillena
  • Etymology: The specific name is a patronym in recognition of the contribution to taxonomy and biology of theraphosids done by Rick C. West.
  • Original Type Locality: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Pedernales Province: Parque Nacional Jaragua, track into park (unmarked) between Manuell Goa and Oviedo

Specimen Records

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Avicularia rickwesti
(NMPC P6A 6062), Dominican Republic

Adult Male Activity

  • Avicularia rickwesti sp.nov, a remarkable new species of Avicularia (Theraphosidae:Aviculariinae) from Dominican Republic

    Rogério Bertani, Jeremy Huff ,2013

    A remarkable new species of Avicularia Lamarck, 1818, Avicularia rickwesti sp. nov., is described from Dominican Republic. Female specimens of the new species are unusual by having two very short and broad spermathecae with distal half strongly sclerotized, a feature not found in any other aviculariine. Additionally, it has the leg coxae with spiniform setae, smaller on leg I and prolateral leg II, larger, black on retrolateral leg II, prolateral and retrolateral leg III and prolateral leg IV. Males are unknown. The new species is known only from two localities, in southwestern Dominican Republic. This is the first record for the subfamily on Hispañola which is close to the northern boundary for the Aviculariinae distribution.

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