Typhochlaena paschoali Bertani, 2012

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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Typhochlaena paschoali
  • Described By: Bertani, 2012
  • Researcher Profile: Rogério Bertani
  • Genus: Typhochlaena
  • Etymology: The specific name is a patronym in honour of Elbano Paschoal de Figueiredo Moraes, a Brazilian environmentalist who was died early on April 2011.
  • Original Type Locality: Holotype female and immature paratype, Brazil, state of Bahia, Camacan [15°24'S, 39°30'W], no further data (MNRJ 13723)

Specimen Records

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Typhochlaena paschoali
Holotype : (MNRJ 13723), Brazil
Paratype : (MNRJ 12928 – R2981), Brazil
(MNRJ 13615), Brazil
(MNRJ 12919 – R 2955), Brazil
(MNRJ 13761), Brazil

Adult Male Activity

  • Revision, cladistic analysis and biogeography of Typhochlaena C. L. Koch, 1859, Pachistopelma Pocock, 1901 and Iridopelma Pocock, 1901 (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Aviculariinae)

    Rogério Bertani ,2012

    Three aviculariine genera endemic to Brazil are revised. Typhochlaena C. L. Koch, 1850 is resurrected, including five species; Pachistopelma Pocock, 1901 includes two species; and Iridopelma Pocock, 1901, six species. Nine species are newly described: Typhochlaena amma sp. n., T. costae sp. n., T. curumim sp. n., T. paschoali sp. n., Pachistopelma bromelicola sp. n., Iridopelma katiae sp. n., I. marcoi sp. n., I. oliveirai sp. n. and I. vanini sp. n. Three new synonymies are established: Avicularia pulchra Mello-Leitão, 1933 and Avicularia recifiensis Struchen & Brändle, 1996 are junior synonyms of Pachistopelma rufonigrum Pocock, 1901 syn. n., and Avicularia palmicola Mello-Leitão, 1945 is a junior synonym of Iridopelma hirsutum Pocock, 1901 syn. n. Pachistopelma concolor Caporiacco, 1947 is transferred to Tapinauchenius Ausserer, 1871, making the new combination Tapinauchenius concolor (Caporiacco, 1947) comb. n. Lectotypes are newly designed for Pachistopelma rufonigrum Pocock, 1901 , Iridopelma hirsutum Pocock, 1901 and Pachistopelma concolor Caporiacco, 1947. Cladistic analyses using both equal and implied weights were carried out with a matrix comprising 62 characters and 38 terminal taxa. The chosen cladogram found with X-Pee-Wee and concavity 6 suggests they are monophyletic. All species are keyed and mapped and information on species habitat and area cladograms are presented. Discussion on biogeography and conservation is provided.

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