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A new species in the spider genus Phormictopus (Araneae: Theraphosidae: Theraphosinae) from Cuba

David Ortiz, Rogério Bertani , 2005

A new species, Phormictopus auratus, is described. This species is character- ized by presenting the apex of the retrolateral branch of the tibial spurs fla- ttened, on which the metatarsus I makes contact when flexed; also by posses- sing spermathecae well defined in three parts: the base, neck and fundus, and finally for having the carapace covered by a fine and dense golden pubescence. Natural history data of this species, collected in various regions of central- eastern Cuba, are given. With this, the registered number of Cuban taxa pertai- ning to the genus Phormictopus is increased to four.

About the Author

David Ortiz

David Ortiz

My main research interests are evolutionary biology of mygalomorph spiders (tarantulas and their kin) and the trace that history has left in their genome, morphology, ecological niche, etc. I am working on my PhD project of phylogenetic systematics of the tarantula genus Bonnetina (Theraphosidae), using molecular and morphological evidence. I am also working on Bonnetina as model to determine species boundaries in an integrative approach.

Species mentioned

Phormictopus auratus Ortiz & Bertani, 2005