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Araignées de la Guyane Française du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris

Ludovico Di Caporiacco , 1954

About the Author

Ludovico Di Caporiacco

Ludovico Di Caporiacco

Count Of Caporiacco his family pedigree traces back to Thirteenth century noblemen of the Friuli region, Italy. He Obtained his degree in Natural Sciences in 1920, taught Zoology and Comparative Anatomy since 1929. In 1943 Became Professor of Zoology at the Faculty of Science at the University of Parma. He participated in the Captain Orestes Marchesi Expedition to the Gebel Uweinat, a mountain massif in the boundary between Sudan, Lybia, and Egypt. There, together with the Hungarian explorer Count Almasy, he discovered the Ain Doua paintings in 1933.

Species mentioned

Neostenotarsus guianensis (Caporiacco, 1954)

French Guiana
Pseudoclamoris gigas

Pseudoclamoris gigas (Caporiacco, 1954)

French Guiana