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Chaetopelma karlamani sp. n., (Araneida: Theraphosidae: Ischnocolinae) eine Vogelspinne aus Nord-Zypern

Patrick Vollmer , 1997

A new Chaetopelma-species from north-cyprus (Besparmak-mountain) is discribed. It differs from other species of this genus by two very seperate receptacles who thickin at the end, the structure of palpal bulb and a extrem short bodysize. Ischnocolus gracilis (AUSSERER, 1871) is transfer to the genus Chaetopelma (AUSSERER, 1871) and Chaetopelma aegyptiacum (AUSSERER, 1871) is synonymy with Chaetopelma gracile.

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Chaetopelma karlamani Vollmer, 1997