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Complementary data on the genus Ischnocolus (Araneae: Theraphosidae)


The paper provides additional information on the taxonomy of the theraphosid genus Ischnocolus Ausserer, 1871. A new combination is proposed: Ischnocolus elongatus (Simon, 1873), n. comb. (ex Cyrtauchenius). The hitherto unknown males of I. hancocki Smith, 1990 and I. jickelii (L. Koch, 1875) are depicted and described for the first time. Illustrations of the male palpal organ showing its structure in two remaining congeners, I. valentinus (Dufour, 1820) and I. ignoratus Guadanucci & Wendt, 2014, are also provided. The following synonymy is established: Mygale valentina Dufour, 1820 = Leptopelma cavicola Simon, 1889, n. syn. The taxonomic position of species, previously included in Leptopelma Ausserer, 1871, is briefly discussed.
Israel Journal of Entomology 48(1): 105-118

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