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Description of a new species of arboreal tarantula of the genus Poecilotheria Simon, 1885 (Araneae: Theraphosidae) from Satpura Hills, Central India

Zeeshan A Mirza, Rajesh V. Sanap, Harshal Bhosale , 2014

A new species of arboreal tarantula of the genus Poecilotheria is described from Central India, The new species Poecilotheria chaojii sp. nov. is most similar to P. tigrinawesseli and P. formosa. However, it can be distinguished from P. formosa by possessing a band on the venter of leg IV (absent in P. formosa) and from P. tigrinawesseli in bearing bright white and black alternating bands on venter of leg IV (cryptic coloured and black alternating bands in P. tigrinawesseli), basal 1/4 of metatarsi covered with white hair (basal 1/3 of metatarsi covered with a black band in P. tigrinawesseli), three thorn-like tubercles on the prolateral face of the maxilla (two thorn-like tubercles in P. tigrinawesseli).

About the Author

Zeeshan A Mirza

Zeeshan A Mirza

I am a student interested in taxonomy, evolutionary, bio-geographic and behavioral aspect of reptiles, scorpions and mygalomorph spiders.