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First record of Vitalius longisternalis Bertani, 2001 (Araneae, Theraphosidae) in Argentina and notes on its natural history in Misiones province

Nelson Ferretti, Sofía Copperi, Leonela Schwerdt, Gabriel Pompozzi , 2015

This is the first record for the tarantula Vitalius longisternalis Bertani, 2001 in Parana and Araucaria Forests, Misiones province, northeastern Argentina. Specimens were found at Iguazú National Park and Urugua-í Wildlife Reserve. Data on its natural history is provided.

About the Author

Nelson Ferretti

Nelson Ferretti

My work focuses on Taxonomy, Systematics, Biogeography, Ecology and Ethology of mygalomorph spiders from Argentina. Im currently working with phylogeographic patterns and modelling species distribution of the Mygalomorphae from the mountanious systems in central Argentina.

Species mentioned

Vitalius longisternalis Bertani, 2001

Brazil, Argentina