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Four new species and two new genera of theraphosid spider from Bolivia (Araneae: Theraphosidae)


Two new genera, Bermejoa gen. nov. and Isiboroa gen. nov. are described to house the species Bermejoa zoeae sp. nov. and Isiboroa hamelae sp. nov., respectively. Two new species of existing genera are also described: Plesiopelma manni sp. nov. and Reversopelma herzogi sp. nov. Homoeomma peruvianum (Chamberlin, 1916) and Acanthoscurria sacsayhuaman Ferretti, Ochoa & Chaparro, 2016 from Peru are transferred to Isiboroa gen. nov., based on palpal bulb morphology and the absence of a stridulation organ. Consequently, the new combinations Isiboroa peruviana comb. nov. and Isiboroa sacsayhuaman comb. nov. are proposed.
Arachnology 19(6): 944-951