Histoire naturelle des insectes. Aptères

Charles Athanase Walckenaer , 1837

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Species mentioned

Harpactira atra

Harpactira atra (Latreille, 1832)

South Africa
Harpactira cafreriana

Harpactira cafreriana (Walckenaer, 1837)

South Africa
Caribena versicolor

Caribena versicolor Walckenaer, 1837

Native to Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean Sea
Ephebopus murinus

Ephebopus murinus (Walckenaer, 1837)

Grammostola rosea

Grammostola rosea (Walckenaer, 1837)

Bolivia, Chile, Argentina

Homoeomma nigrum (Walckenaer, 1837)


Lasiodora saeva (Walckenaer, 1837)


Selenocosmia javanensis (Walckenaer, 1837)

Malaysia to Sulawesi

Tapinauchenius sanctivincenti (Walckenaer, 1837)

St. Vincent