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Informe oficial de la Comisión científica agregada al Estado Mayor general de la expedicion al Rio Negro (Patagonia) realizada en los meses de Abril, Mayo y Junio de 1879, bajo las órdenes del general d. Julio A. Roca (con 16 láminas)

Eduardo Ladislao Holmberg , 1881

About the Author

Eduardo Ladislao Holmberg

Eduardo Ladislao Holmberg

Eduardo Ladislao Holmberg (Buenos Aires, 27 July 1852 – 4 November 1937) was an Argentine natural historian and novelist, one of the leading figures in Argentine biology. Together with Florentino Ameghino he undertook the inventory of Argentine flora and fauna, and explored all the ecoregions in the country. As director of the Buenos Aires Zoological Garden he greatly developed its scientific aspect, publishing booklets and providing printed media for a learned appreciation of its contents. He also directed the Natural History Cabinet of the University of Buenos Aires and published the standard reference works on botany and zoology used in his country for most of the 20th century. While less distinguished for his writing, he was arguably the first science fiction writer in Latin America. He wrote the first science fiction novel, "Viaje maravilloso del señor Nic-Nac al planeta Marte." In 1879, he wrote "Horacio Kalibang o los autómatas," the first short science fiction story of Latin America.

Species mentioned

Grammostola doeringi (Holmberg, 1881)