The Neotropical genus Cyriocosmus Simon, 1903 and new species from Peru, Brazil and Venezuela (Araneae: Theraphosidae: Theraphosinae)

Radan Kaderka , 2015

Cyriocosmus peruvianus sp. nov., C. itayensis sp. nov., C. aueri sp. nov., C. giganteus sp. nov. from Peru, Loreto region, C. hoeferi sp. nov. from Brazil, C. williamlamari sp. nov. and C. nicholausgordoni sp. nov. from Venezuela are described, illustrated, diagnosed and both sexes, if known, keyed. New Peruvian species can be distinguished from all congeners, except C. bertae Pérez-Miles, 1998 and C. pribiki Pérez-Miles and Weinmann, 2009, by the uniformly coloured carapace and abdomen without stripes and by the short paraembolic apophysis in male palpal bulb. The female of Cyriocosmus ritae Pérez-Miles, 1998 is described for the first time from a known Peruvian population near Iquitos.

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Species mentioned

Cyriocosmus itayensis

Cyriocosmus itayensis Kaderka, 2015


Cyriocosmus aueri Kaderka, 2016


Cyriocosmus hoeferi Kaderka, 2015


Cyriocosmus williamlamari Kaderka, 2015

Cyriocosmus nicholausgordoni

Cyriocosmus nicholausgordoni Kaderka, 2015


Cyriocosmus giganteus Kaderka, 2015

Cyriocosmus peruvianus

Cyriocosmus peruvianus Kaderka, 2015