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Chaetopelma karlamani

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Lapta, Cyprus

Etymology : Named after the collector of the holotype R. Karlaman


Male Activity

A new Chaetopelma-species from north-cyprus (Besparmak-mountain) is discribed. It differs from other species of this genus by two very seperate receptacles who thickin at the end, the structure of palpal bulb and a extrem short bodysize. Ischnocolus gracilis (AUSSERER, 1871) is transfer to the genus Chaetopelma (AUSSERER, 1871) and Chaetopelma aegyptiacum (AUSSERER, 1871) is synonymy with Chaetopelma gracile.
Tarantulas of the World, Ausgabe 16, Dec. 1997: 4-18

Habitat and Type Locality