Dolichothele mottai Revollo, da Silva & Bertani, 2017

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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Dolichothele mottai
  • Described By: Revollo, da Silva & Bertani, 2017
  • Researcher Profile: Irene Soliz Revollo, Pedro Ismael da Silva Júnior, Rogério Bertani
  • Genus: Dolichothele
  • Etymology: The specific name is a patronym in honor of the arachnologist Dr. Paulo Cesar Motta, for his contributions to the taxonomy and biology of mygalomorphs inhabiting the Brazilian Cerrado region.
  • Original Type Locality: Distrito Federal, Brasília, Reserva Ecológica do IBGE

Specimen Records

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Dolichothele mottai
Holotype : (DZUB 8246), Brazil
Paratype : (DZUB 8248), Brazil

Adult Male Activity

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