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Phormingochilus arboricola

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Borneo

Etymology : From latin. Arbor = tree and -cola = inhabitant.


Male Activity

Lampropelma nigerrimum arborieola is a subspecies of Lampropelma nigerrimum living in Borneo. It is closely related to L. nigerrimum nigerrimum SIMON, 1892, the type species of the genus, living on Sang ir (or Sangihe) Island. An adult female could be studied. It differs from the type species in the relative size of the eyes, the spination of the legs and the scopula of the fourth metatarsus. The PLE are much smaller than the ALE, aillegs are spinose and scopula of metatarsus IV is present apically in the centre of the segment only. According to Jean-Michel VERDEZ the males of both subspecies are different. In L. nigerrimum nigerrimum the herringbone pattern on the opisthosoma is distinct and the tarsi are not orange, in L. nigerrimum arborieola the herringbone pattern on the opisthosoma is absent and the tarsi are weakly orange. The new subspecies is dealt under the name L. sp. "Borneo blael(' or Selenoeosmia borneoensis. Both of them are nomina nuda. It is said to live arboreously.
arantulas of the World 143: 4-9

Habitat and Type Locality