Fabian Vol


Description d'une nouvelle espèce de Metriopelma de Bolivie: Metriopelma ledezmae sp. n. In: Verdez, J.-M. & F. Cléton (eds.) Mygales: Élevage & Découverte

Fabian Vol ,2001

I give a summary of the following description of Metriopelma ledezmae to be published in its full form in the book of Jean Michel VERDEZ and Frédéric CLETON, Les mygales, Editions Philippe Gerard. This should be out in September in 21 x 29.7 format, and with over 200 colour photographs with more than 130 species, constitutes no doubt the best book in French on these spiders.

Description d'une deuxième espèce de Bonnetina Vol, 2000 du Mexique, B. rudloffi sp. n. (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Theraphosinae) et comparaison avec B. cyaneifemur

Fabian Vol ,2001

Jan-Peter Rudloff and I met on the occasion of the award of Stuttgart and gave me several Theraphosidae preserved in alcohol which he attributed rightly to the genus Bonnetina that I had described. These materials were collected in Mexico by M.HU REICHSTEINER in Arteaga the state of Michoacan.

Description de Bonnetina cyaneifemur, gen. n. & sp. n. (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Theraphosinae) du Mexique

Fabian Vol ,2000

In August of this year was André Leetz send me a mature male and a few molts a remarkable Theraphosidae its femurs and dark blue bristle on the abdomen, a deep red. It was determined that a spider had been circulating for some years among collectors as the "Schizopelma sp." Fortunately, among the few exuviae accompanying the male there were two female.

A review of primary and secondary sexual characters of the male was soon revealed that this tarantula belonged to a new genus. The shape of the spermatheca confirmed quickly.

I did not have any data on the origin of this spider apart from the fact that came from Mexico. However, it is only by a happy coincidence, this summer I collected Theraphosidae few in the state of Colima on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Among these included a subadult male with the same characteristics as that made me André achieve Leetz especially this dark blue shade remarkable on femurs. With this information so I could start the following description.

Species described or mentioned