Steven B Reichling


A new species of tarantula spider (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Theraphosidae) from the Cayo District of Belize

Steven B Reichling, Rick C. West ,2000

A new species of theraphosid spider, Citharacanthus meermani sp. nov., is described. It was collected in the foothills of the Mountain Pine Ridge and the Vaca Plateau, Cayo District, Belize. It is distinguished from congeners by filiform plumose setae on the basoprolateral faces of both trochantera and femora I-II, and the presence of five prominent keels on the apical division of the male embolus.

A diminutive new species of Acanthopelma from Belize (Araneae: Theraphosidae)

Steven B Reichling ,1997

A new species of Acanthopelma (Araneae: Theraphosidae) from northern Belize is described, and is among the smallest theraphosid spiders known. The new taxon is distinguished from congenerics by an incrassate palpal tibia, preapical embolar process and unmodified tibial spur in males, and a unique abdominal pattern in females. Both sexes possess unusually short medial segments of the posterior lateral spinnerets. Data on meristic and morphometric character variation and natural history notes are also presented.

A new species of Crypsidromus from Belize (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Theraphosidae)

Steven B Reichling ,1997

A new species of Theraphosidae, Crypsidromus gutzkei, is described (from the male only ) from northern Belize . Unique coloration in combination with pedipalps of intermediate length distinguishe s C. gutzkei from all congeners . Character states proposed as diagnostic for males of Crypsidromus Ausserer 1871 and Metriopelma Becker 1878 are combined in the male of this new species, supporting the maintenance of Metriopelma in the synonymy of Crypsidromus.

A new genus and species of theraphosid spider from Belize (Araneae, Theraphosidae)

Steven B Reichling, Rick C. West ,1996

A monotypic theraphosid spider genus, Crassicrus new genus, and a new species Crassicrus lamanai new species, are described from the tropical dry forest of north-central Belize . Natural history and biogeographical notes are given.

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