Wolfgang Bücherl

Wolfgang Bücherl (* 27 April 1911 in Furth im Wald ; † 14 January 1985 in São Paulo ) was a German-Brazilian university teacher of biology and known Arachnologe.

At 18, he emigrated to Brazil , where he attended the Faculty of Philosophy, Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo studied (1930-1932). But since he was interested in biology more, he finished at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster biology and natural sciences . His doctoral thesis was entitled "On the question of the phylogenetic origin of the thoracic muscles of Lithobius fortificatus. A contribution to the study of arthropods ".

After graduating in 1938 he went back to Brazil, where he first professor of biology at the Catholic University in São Paulo was (1939-1940). At the same time he worked at the Butantan Institute (São Paulo), where he was Division Director then. His over 35 years of work at the Institute has made ​​him world famous. He has published many studies on toxic spiders and scorpions as books, monographs and reference works on larger "poison animals and animal poisons".

His most famous book is "The House of poisons - The Story of the Butantan Institute São Paulo", published by the cosmos Society of Friends of Nature in the Frankh'schen Verlagshandlung in Stuttgart 1963rd

After his retirement, he worked for several years as Managing Director of the Hans Staden Institute.

Bücherl was married and had a daughter.