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Type Locality : Espírito Santo: Holotype male, Sooretama, Reserva Biológica de Sooretama

Etymology : The species is named after arachnologist Alessandro Giupponi, for his friendship and help in many collecting expeditions, and for collecting and making important theraphosid specimens available for this study.


Male Activity

Guyruita Guadanucci et al., 2007 is an ischnocoline genus with three described species from Brazil and Venezuela. Two new Brazilian species from the states of Rio Grande do Norte (Guyruita isae n. sp.) and Espírito Santo (Guyruita giupponii n. sp.) are described. A key is provided for identification of Guyruita species. Map with records and information on species habitat are also given.
Zootaxa 4370(4): 395-408

Habitat and Type Locality