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Chilobrachys qishuoi

IUCN Status

Type Locality : China; Guangdong; Qingyuan, Qingxin ,X366 Road, near Jingdong;

Etymology : The species is named after Mr. Shuo Qi, who collected type material; noun (name) in genitive case.


Male Activity

Background The theraphosid spider genus Chilobrachys Karsch, 1892 contains 30 species, almost entirely limited to Indochina, India, Sri Lanka and China. Six species of Chilobrachys are currently known from China: C. dominus Lin & Li, 2022 (Yunnan), C. guangxiensis (Yin & Tan, 2000) (Guangxi, Hainan), C. hubei Song & Zhao, 1988 (Hubei, Chongqing), C. jinchengi Lin & Li, 2022 (Tibet), C. liboensis Zhu & Zhang, 2008 (Guizhou, Guangxi) and C. lubricus Yu et al., 2021 (Yunnan). New information A new species, Chilobrachys qishuoi Lin & Li, sp. n., is described from Guangdong, China, on the basis of both sexes. This is the easternmost Chilobrachys species known. Photos and a morphological description of the new species are provided. Type materials are deposited in the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IZCAS) in Beijing, China.
Biodiversity Data Journal 10(e96467)

Habitat and Type Locality