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Lyrognathus fuscus

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Simpang Kubur, Katawaringin, Kotawaringin Barat, Borneo, Indonesia

Etymology : From Latin meaning dark brown/grey. The genus name is masculine, thus fuscus is the masculine form of the adjective.


Male Activity

The tarantula genus Lyrognathus Pocock 1895 is revised with three new species described: L. achilles sp. nov. from Gunung Nibung, Borneo; L. fuscus sp. nov. from Simpang Kubur, Borneo and L. lessunda sp. nov. from Lombok Island, Indonesia. The male of L. robustus Smith 1988 is described for the first time, the female is redescribed. L. crotalus Pocock 1895 is considered a senior synonym of L. pugnax Pocock 1900. Several new characters are discussed, with Lyrognathus keyed to species. The diagnosis of the Selenocosmiinae is amended. Zoogeographic distribution, natural history and subfamilial relationships with proposed sister genera Selenocosmia Ausserer 1871 and Coremiocnemis Simon 1892 are discussed. Lyrognathus saltator is redescribed. Selenocosmia lyra Strand 1913 is considered a nomen dubium.
Zootaxa 2362: 1-43

Habitat and Type Locality