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Phlogiellus raveni

IUCN Status

Type Locality : PHILIPPINES, Talamban, Cebu City, Small forest behind University of San Carlos

Etymology : The new species is dedicated to Dr. Robert J. Raven, the senior curator (Arachnida) at the Queensland Museum, Australia for his incalculable contribution to spider systematics.


Male Activity

Phlogiellus is one of the least studied theraphosid genera; there is only one recent revision on the genus. However, the “revision” only provided several taxonomic problems in the genus by giving unclear diagnostic characters of the genus and its species, using third party information in their descriptions and many of their examined specimens of are inaccessible. Here, we discuss the taxonomic problems of the genus, and provide a new genus description and diagnostic characters of Phlogiellus by combining information from previous studies with our examinations. Variation within species of previously diagnostic characters renders them of little value. In addition, two new Phlogiellus species from Myanmar and the Philippines are described and diagnosed here.
Zootaxa 4859(4): 487-506

Habitat and Type Locality