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Selenocosmia arndsti

New Guinea
IUCN Status

Type Locality : New Guinea without precise location


Male Activity

Since the beginning of 1989 a tarantula from New Guinea is imported to Germany, here and in England is sold under the name Selenocosmia lanipes Ausserer 1875. It differs from the species of the genus by the Selenocosmia stridulations organ, the eye position and the relative eyes Grobe. This is an undescribed species of the previously monotypic Genus Selenotypus Pocock 1895, of which only the genotype, Selenotypus plurnipes Pocock 1895, the groBte Australian spider species from Queensland, was known. Due to the finding of a second type, the genus diagnosis Mmust be extended.
Arachnologischer Anzeiger 10: 5-8

Habitat and Type Locality