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Selenocosmia longiembola

IUCN Status

Type Locality : CHINA: Yunnan Province, Lincang City, Cangyuan County, Nangunhe National Nature Reserve

Etymology : The specific name is a combination of the Latin "longus" and the word "embolus", referring to the morphology of male genitalia; noun in apposition.


Male Activity

Four new species of Selenocosmiinae are described with both sexes: Chilobrachys lubricus sp. nov., Selenocosmia anubis sp. nov., S. qiani sp. nov. and S. longiembola sp. nov.; Chilobrachys hubei Song & Zhao, 1988 is redescribed and rediagnosed, the female of C. hubei is described for the first time.
Faunitaxys 9(33): 1-13

Habitat and Type Locality