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Annandaliella ernakulamensis

IUCN Status

Etymology : Species name refers to name of Ernakulam district in Kerala state, India.


Male Activity

Present paper describes two species of spiders discovered during a study on the diversity of spiders of Kerala state, India. These species belong to the genera Sason (Barychelidae) and Annandaliella (Theraphosidae). Annandaliella ernaku- lamensis new species discovered from Ernakulam is characterized by a tibial apophysis in the form of short broad lobe of comb-like series of stout black spines and a characteristically different stridulatory spines on the chelicerae. Sason robustum is a redescription of the species based on a new specimen. Both species are illustrated and fully described during the study. SEM studies were undertaken in A. ernakulamensis sp. nov.
Revista Ibérica de Aracnología 15: 29-34

Habitat and Type Locality