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Agnostopelma gardel

IUCN Status

Etymology : from Agnostos (Gr.), unknown and pelma (Gr.), sole of the foot. The name makes reference to the absence of scopulae on leg IV of this tarantula, which is unusual in Theraphosidae. tota refers to the name of a lake sacred to the Muisca


Male Activity

The new genus Agnostopelma Pe´rez-Miles & Weinmann is proposed for the type species A. tota n. sp. and A. gardel n. sp. from Boyaca´, Colombia. Agnostopelma build shelters under stones at high elevation. The new genus is unusual in lacking tarsal scopulae on its posterior legs and in having few labial cuspules and short leg tarsi in females.
Journal of Arachnology 38: 104-112

Habitat and Type Locality