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Bonnetina cyaneifemur

IUCN Status

Etymology : The genus name is in honor of Pierre Bonnet, French Arachnologist. The species name refers to the dark dark blue color of the femurs (cyaneus, a, um = blue in Latin).


Male Activity

In August of this year was André Leetz send me a mature male and a few molts a remarkable Theraphosidae its femurs and dark blue bristle on the abdomen, a deep red. It was determined that a spider had been circulating for some years among collectors as the "Schizopelma sp." Fortunately, among the few exuviae accompanying the male there were two female.

A review of primary and secondary sexual characters of the male was soon revealed that this tarantula belonged to a new genus. The shape of the spermatheca confirmed quickly.

I did not have any data on the origin of this spider apart from the fact that came from Mexico. However, it is only by a happy coincidence, this summer I collected Theraphosidae few in the state of Colima on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Among these included a subadult male with the same characteristics as that made me André achieve Leetz especially this dark blue shade remarkable on femurs. With this information so I could start the following description.

Arachnides 44: 2-9

Habitat and Type Locality