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Brachypelma baumgarteni

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Sierra Madre del Sur, Michoacan

Etymology : Named after the German amateur arachnologist/collector Marc Baungarten.


Male Activity

Over the last three years I have been engaged in the preparation and writing of a complete revision of the theraphosid genera of North America and Mexico. 11115 has meant a great deal of time spent both in the museum and in the field, and which has involved much correspondence with like—minded enthusiasts, One of the most valuable of these has been the amateur German arachnologist Marc: Baungarten from Essen, who has assisted me greatly with new-found specimens of the Brachypelm genus from Mexico. Some of these newr specimens are similar to material which the German arachmlogist Gunther Schnidt is at the moment preparing as a paper to be published in Arachnologischer Anzeiger. One from a locality nearby is yet another new species. This material, Hr. Baungarten assures me , has only been collected by himself and only I am in receipt of dead material. Dr. Gunther Schmidt has kindly sent me data of the new species and new genus which he in shortly to describe, and the new species B. bangarteni does not correlate with these descriptions, not previously described material of the genus, which I have described in my forthcoming book. Schmidt'a new species, including B. auratun (which he described in August 1992] will feature in this publication.
Journal of the British Tarantula Society 8(4): 14-19

Habitat and Type Locality