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Euathlus grismadoi

IUCN Status

Type Locality : ARGENTINA. La Rioja. Sierra de Famatina

Etymology : The specific name is a patronym in honor of Cristian Grismado, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to arachnology in Argentina, and also for keeping alive the male specimen here designated as the holotype.


Male Activity

Euathlus Ausserer, 1875 is a South American genus of spiders of the family Theraphosidae known from Chile and Argentina. Three new species from Argentina: Euathlus mauryi sp. n. (from San Juan province), Euathlus grismadoi sp. n. (from La Rioja province), and Euathlus pampa sp. n. (from Salta province) are described here. New records of the previous species Euathlus diamante and Euathlus tenebrarum are contributed. The distribution of these new species expands the geographical distribution of the genus along the Andean hills, with Salta province as the northernmost record of the genus. A key is provided for identification of Euathlus species as well as a map with all the records in Argentina.
Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment

Habitat and Type Locality