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Homoeomma chilensis

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Región del Maule, Provincia de Linares, Ancoa

Etymology : The species epithet refers to the country of origin, Chile.


Male Activity

Two new species of Homoeomma Ausserer, 1871 from south-central Chile are described, diagnosed and illustrated based on males and females. Males of Homoeomma chilensis spec. nov. and H. orellanai spec. nov. differ from other species of the genus by the palpal bulb morphology. Females differ by the shape of spermathecae. Specimens were captured in regions of O’Higgins, Maule and Biobío, Chile. These are the first species of the genus recorded in the biogeographic province of Santiago, west of the Andes. This is a novel finding, given that until now, known species of Homoeomma are only present east of the Andes.
Spixiana 41 (1): 13-25

Habitat and Type Locality