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Murphyarachne ymasumacae

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Contamama [= Contamana], River Ucayali

Etymology : The specific epithet is a matronym in honour of Yma Sumac (1922–2008), the famous Peruvian opera singer whose voice spanned an incredible five octaves.


Male Activity

Two new theraphosine genera and one new species are described from Peru, based on material from the collections in the Natural History Museum, London. Anqasha gen. n. is described to house Anqasha picta (Pocock, 1903) gen. et comb. n., ex. Hapalopus. The holotype male of A. picta is redescribed, with the female described for the first time. Two new localities for A. picta are recorded, extending the distribution of this species. Another monotypic genus, Murphyarachne gen. n., is described to house a new species Murphyarachne ymasumacae gen. et sp. n. based on a holotype female.
Arachnology 19(Special Issue): 247-256

Habitat and Type Locality