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Neischnocolus armihuariensis

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Male holotype (MUSM-ENT 0506547) from Peru, Cuzco, Rio Camisea, Armihuari, 11°51‘51.3“S, 72°46‘45.6“W, altitude 579 m, May-June 1997, Saida Cordova col.

Etymology : The specific name refers to the type locality.


Male Activity

Ami armihuariensis sp. nov. from Cuzco region, Peru is described, diagnosed and figured. Males of Ami armihuariensis sp. nov. differ from all other congeners, except A. pijaos, by the presence of only one retrolateral process on male palpal tibia, from A. pijaos by the granulation in tegular area of male palpal bulb. Additionally, photographs of A. yupanquii spermatheca are for the first time presented in order to emphasize the characteristic shape of spermathecae in this genus.
Revista Peruana de Biología 21(3): 207-212

Habitat and Type Locality