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IUCN Status

Type Locality : Bulim (= Pulún), N. Ecuador

Etymology : The specific epithet is a matronym in honour of Elizabeth Jane Cochrane (1864–1922), who was better known as Nellie Bly (her nom de plume), the first woman to circumnavigate the globe.


Male Activity

The species Pamphobeteus antinous Pocock, 1903, P. fortis (Ausserer, 1875), P. insignis Pocock, 1903, and P. ornatus Pocock, 1903 are redescribed, based on examination of the respective type material. Lectotypes are designated for Pamphobeteus ferox (Ausserer, 1875) and P. nigricolor (Ausserer, 1875), with these taxa also redescribed. A new diagnosis and description of Pamphobeteus augusti (Simon, 1889) is presented, based on a non-type male compared against illustrations of one of the syntypes. New distribution records of Pamphobeteus grandis Bertani, Fukushima & Silva, 2008 are presented from Peru. Four new species of Pamphobeteus Pocock, 1901 are described: P. nellieblyae sp. nov., P. urvinae sp. nov. and P. zaruma sp. nov. from Ecuador, and P. lapola sp. nov. from Colombia.
Arachnology 19(3): 650-674

Habitat and Type Locality