Phormictopus auratus Ortiz & Bertani, 2005

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Taxonomy and History

Scientific Name : Phormictopus auratus
  • Described By: Ortiz & Bertani, 2005
  • Researcher Profile: David Ortiz, Rogério Bertani
  • Genus: Phormictopus
  • Etymology: Latin adjective that makes reference to the dense golden pubescence displayed on the dorsal side of this species, especially on the carapace.

Specimen Records

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Adult Male Activity

  • A new species in the spider genus Phormictopus (Araneae: Theraphosidae: Theraphosinae) from Cuba

    David Ortiz, Rogério Bertani ,2005

    A new species, Phormictopus auratus, is described. This species is character- ized by presenting the apex of the retrolateral branch of the tibial spurs fla- ttened, on which the metatarsus I makes contact when flexed; also by posses- sing spermathecae well defined in three parts: the base, neck and fundus, and finally for having the carapace covered by a fine and dense golden pubescence. Natural history data of this species, collected in various regions of central- eastern Cuba, are given. With this, the registered number of Cuban taxa pertai- ning to the genus Phormictopus is increased to four.

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