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Reversopelma petersi

Ecuador or Peru
IUCN Status
This new species differs from all other Theraphosinae by the following combination: labium with long setae, cuspules almost on the front edge only, scopula of tarsus IV divided by a band of setae, pad of feathered hairs retrolaterally on femur IV, in females urticating hairs of type I (fig. 1)containing barbs that change their direction twice, in males urticating hairs of type III. Palpal bulb similar to that of Lasiodorides SCHMIDT & BISCHOFF, 1997 (fig. 3), tibial spurs (fig. 4), receptacula seminis with twin receptacles (fig. 6), habitus 8fig. 2 and fig. 5).
Arachnologisches Magazin 9(3/4): 1-10

Habitat and Type Locality