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Spinosatibiapalpus cambrai

IUCN Status

Type Locality : Panama: Prov. Darién, Cerro Pierre, Parque Nacional Darién, Estascion Rancho Frío,

Etymology : The species epithet is a patronym in honour of Professor Roberto Cambra (MIUP) for his contributions to the understanding of invertebrate biodiversity in Panama and his guidance and friendship to RG.


Male Activity

A summary of the present knowledge on the biogeography and ecology of the known theraphosid spiders in the Darién region, Panama is presented. Hapalopus coloratus (Valerio, 1982) is redescribed, Holothele longipes (L. Koch, 1875), Neischnocolus panamanus (Petrunkevitch, 1925) and Psalmopoeus pulcher Pretunkevitch, 1925 are briefly discussed. Five new species of theraphosid spider are described from the Darién region: Cyclosternum darienensis sp. nov., Euthycaelus quinteroi sp. nov., Pamphobeteus sucreorum sp. nov., Spinosatibiapalpus cambrai sp. nov. and Tapinauchenius herrerai sp. nov. The supposed distribution of the taxa Pamphobeteus ornatus Pocock, 1903 and Xenesthis immanis (Ausserer, 1875) in Panama are rejected. The synonymy of Xenesthis colombiana Simon, 1891 with X. immanis is rejected based on incompatible leg morphometrics and no textual justification thereby restoring X. colombiana comb. rest.
Revista Ibérica de Aracnología 40: 5-18

Habitat and Type Locality